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Angel Wings (Yellow) Silk Praise and Worship Flag WF43SX70

Angel Wings (Yellow) Silk Praise and Worship Flag WF43SX70

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Design - Yellow Single Layer

Feature : Light and Flowing

Experience Level: AWESOME for Beginners to Advanced
Visual Description: Vivid, Dazzling, Bold, 
Weight: Very light
Flow characteristic: Fast
Sound: Low
Set: 1 flags

Light Weight (200grams) - SIZE WF43X7055 (70"x43") Angelic Wing Flag - 43" Flexible Rod

Specially designed with flexible flow rod and tiny weight to keep the light organza flag stay in the air longer.
New color will be soon added.
WF43-70 size Suitable for Advanced Worshiper
Cutting : - Angel Wings cut. 1 layers of silk for each flag.
1.1m (43") average width x 1.8m (70") at the longest point

Maintenance free
Long lasting and durable

Standard Lead-time
2-4 weeks when stock is not available.

Each flag is built with a Flexible Flow Rod

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