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Apostolic Flame - Silk Printed Worship Flags

Apostolic Flame - Silk Printed Worship Flags

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APOSTOLIC FLAME for Glorious Finish

Worship Flags Design

Everyone of the 12 disciples Jesus called carries the anointing of an apostle. Yet when they started off, they were men like you and I. Fearful, frighten and scattered when Jesus was hung on the tree.

Remember your calling. You are called to be you. Everyone an original. Not a copy of James, John or Peter and Paul. We all have a destiny in Christ. In whatever sphere of influence you have, this is the time to step forward and be bold as a lion.

When there is persecution, Peter asks the Lord to give him even more boldness to stand and continue to preach the Kingdom of God.

Like the flame circling the globe in this flag, we all need to be ignited again to consume every FEAR, including fear of VIRUS with the Spirit of God burning inside of us. Psalm 91:3-16

We are now facing trial by fire. He assured us of our victory if we do not draw back in fear. In a battle, there is always some casualty. Even if we die, we need to die for what we believe and not succumb to FEAR. When we die for our belief in God, we became a martyr.

A martyr (Greek: μάρτυς, mártys, “witness”; stem μάρτυρ-, mártyr-) is someone who suffers persecution and death for advocating, renouncing, refusing to renounce, or refusing to advocate a religious belief or cause as demanded by an external party. … Martyrs play significant roles in religions.

Most of the original 12 disciples spend their life and goes up in flame as a martyr. (See Link)

Face your destiny. Do not run or be fearful. Count your cost and know your reward is great. Rev 5 & 6. Especially when He calls you to be a martyr. Rev 6:11

Our Lord Jesus pave the ways for us. Rev 5:6. Lets us not shrink back from the footsteps he ordain for us to walk in.

Ultra light and Flowing

Experience Level: AWESOME for Beginners to Advanced

Weight: Very light

Flow characteristic: Fast

Sound: Low to Medium

Set: 1 flags

Fabric: Custom Printed Habutai Silk

Cut: Straight rolled hem outer edge


Telescopic Fiber Glass Pole (Not wood) with bush bearing Flag swirl & easily around the pole and will not fall off
Worship Flags Approximate Size:

XL-SIZE (64″x40″) Telescopic pole (210 grams)
LL-SIZE (58"x40") Telescopic pole (210 grams)

– New Fully Extended 6′ 6″ Foot Pole – Retracted 18″

Quill Flag – Flexible Flow Rod

Less that 0.2KG including Flag
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