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Royal Transformation - III - Angelic Wing Worship Flags – WXLQ-Quill - 40" Flexible Rod

Royal Transformation - III - Angelic Wing Worship Flags – WXLQ-Quill - 40" Flexible Rod

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Royal Transformation - III (Purple/Orange/Green)

Butterfly has always been a fascination for me. They are so light and beautiful.

Did you know that before it became a butterfly, it was actually a worm crawling on the branches? And they were really ugly and hairy.

How can a caterpillar fly? It has to go through a process call transformation.

With a butterfly, it stuffs itself with leaves, growing plumper and longer through a series of molts in which it sheds its skin. One day, the caterpillar stops eating, hangs upside down from a twig or leaf and spins itself a silky cocoon or molts into a shiny chrysalis. Within its protective casing, the caterpillar radically transforms its body, eventually emerging as a butterfly.

During this period, the caterpillar has to die to itself and remain hidden in a cocoon (coffin) for 10-14 days.

In the same way, as a believer, we also need to stuff ourselves with the word of God. In due season, He will put us through a season of loneliness and dying to ourselves. It will be a dark season, but transforming. We take on new nature and sprout wings while we remain hidden.

When the time is ripe, He reveals us as Sons and daughter of God (Royalty). Ever beautiful and light in our manner. No longer are we the ugly self pitiful thing crawling around waiting to be eaten by the birds (enemy). Now sky is the limit.

Purple Color – Royalty, wealth, prosperity. Kingly; wealth; prince; authority; political power and wealth in the sense of dishonesty and wickedness (Babylon); royalty; majesty’s power in wealth and royalty; expensive to buy.

(Dan. 7: 5, 16, 29; Judges 8: 26; John 19: 2, 5; Rev. 17: 4; 18: 16; Acts 16: 14; Prov. 6: 27; Acts 2: 3; Zech. 5: 2; Is. 6: 5-7; Luke 12: 49-53; Song 8: 6; Heb. 12: 29; Heb. 1:7)

Blue Color – Symbol of Heaven. The Holy Spirit; heaven; heavenly visitation.

(Numbers 15: 38; Ex. 28; Num. 4)

Worship Flags Lead-time & Size
Features : Ultra light and Flowing

Experience Level: AWESOME for Beginners to Advanced

Weight: Very light

Flow characteristic: Fast

Sound: Low to Medium

Fabric: Custom Printed Habotai Silk

Single (Set: 1 Flags)

Pair (Set 2 Flags – 10% Off)

Worship Flags Approximate Size:
Only available in WXL-SIZE (64″x48″) with Flexible Quill Wing Design.

Cut: Rolled hem outer edge

Dowel: Quill Wing Flag – Flexible Flow Rod

Less that 0.2KG including Flag

Lead-time 3-4 weeks when stock is not available.
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