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Custom Print – Silk Printed Worship Flags (pre-order)

Custom Print – Silk Printed Worship Flags (pre-order)

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CUSTOM PRINT (Non Stock Item)

We are able to make custom print. Either you provide artwork or we will design the artwork to meet your requirement.

We do not charge for design or custom design changes.

1. If the artwork and its graphic component is provided by us, the final design artwork remains our copyright.
1.1 We reserve the right to in future convert this custom design, with or without modification for sale as our standard product.
1.2 If the artwork includes any component that has private content such as Name, Logo, special insignia etc. That design is reserved only for your prints. They will not be available for sale as our standard product without removing such private content or special insignia etc.

2. If the final high resolution artwork is provided by you, we commit to keep the artwork or any custom design changes to the artwork as private solely for the purpose of your prints. They will not be available for sale as our standard product. Any custom design changes to the artwork will be kept private. Upon your request we will destroy the artwork including any custom design changes.

3. Custom/Design requires higher level of engagement and require a more interactive response and feedback at each design stage. We prefer you contact us from the start via a social chat apps like Whatapps, Telegram or Facebook Messenger to our Mobile # 1-818-208-2822 or +60-124098281. Your eventual order will still be order via

4. We have successfully completed many custom design on However, we have receive many initial custom design enquiries via Etsy Messaging and often the Enquirer went silent or takes a day or two to reply to our initial response.

5. We concluded that Etsy messaging system is primarily email dependent and often the Enquirer either do not read their Email or do not have an Etsy apps on their mobile. A Slow response -> Points to lack of interest -> or Project is NOT IMPORTANT. We are NOT prepared to invest time and energy to initiate new design for project that are NOT important or the interest is only lukewarm.

Our flags include a Free

Standard fiber glass Telescopic pole (fully extended length as follows)
(47" - M-Size, XM- Size, XXM-Size)
(51" - L-Size, LL-Size, XL-Size)
(72" - XXL-Size)
(96" - available with additional Charge)

Flexible Flow Rod according to the width of the flag
(35" - M-Quill, XM-Quill)
Length of Flag (Approximate)
M-Size - 47"
XM-Size - 49"
XXM-Size - 64"

(Width 40" - L-Quill, LL-Quill, XL-Quill).
Length of Flag (Approximate)
L-Size - 54"
LL-Size - 57"
XL-Size - 64"

Worship Flag Features

Ultra light and Flowing

Experience Level: AWESOME for Beginners to Advanced

Weight: Very light

Flow characteristic: Fast

Sound: Low to Medium

Set: 1 flags

Fabric: Custom Printed Habutai Silk (8mm)

Cut: Doubled rolled curved outer edge


Telescopic Fiber Glass Pole (Not wood) with bush bearing Flag swirl & easily around the pole and will not fall off

Approximate Size & weight:

M - Size (48″x 35″) Telescopic (120 grams), Quill ( 65grams)
L - Size (52" x 40) Telescopic (140 grams), Quill ( 95grams)
LL - Size (56″ x 40″) Telescopic (140 grams) Quill ( 100 grams)

XM - Size ( 55"x35") Telescopic (125 grams), Quill (70grams)
XXM-Size (64"x35") Telescopic (140 grams) Quill ( 100 grams)
XL - Size (61″x40″) Telescopic (150 grams), Quill (110grams)
XXLL-SIZE (73″x53″) Telescopic (300 grams)
XXL-SIZE (60"x48") Telescopic (300 grams)

WXL-SIZE (64″x48″) ONLY with Flexible Quill Wing Design.

Quill Flag – Flexible Flow Rod

Worship Flag Lead-time
3-4 weeks

Custom Print order, once sent to printer are NOT cancellable. Item is non-Returnable or Exchangeable.

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