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Generous Love - Silk Printed Worship Flags

Generous Love - Silk Printed Worship Flags

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Worship Flags Design

Generous Love

God is Love. He is very generous with His love. That is why the Bible says while we are yet sinners, Jesus died for us.

The picture depicted here is love lavishly scattered for those who would receive from Him. For 2,000 years, His love continues to scatter for those who would receive. With His love comes healing, restoration, reconciliation and inheritance.

His love is plentiful and is available for all. Only those who would reach out to receive are safe. Are heal. Are restore.

Those who recognize and cherishes this Love will also love. He shall become more and more like Him. For He is Love.

Red/Orange reminds us of the blood he shed for You and me.

RED Also Scarlet and Crimson: The blood of Jesus; warfare; sacrifice; passion; strong emotion; forgiveness; cleansing; zealousness; deep sins; conquest; wine; complexion. (Lev. 4: 7; Prov. 23: 31; Rev. 6: 4-7, 12: 3; 17: 3-6; Ex. 26: 14; 2 Kings 3: 22; Lev. 14: 4, 6, 49-52; Heb. 9: 11; Is. 1: 18; Na. 2: 3; Josh 2: 18, 21)

Black background depict in the darkness or depths that you have fallen, yet His heart toward you is still alive and hot. Every ready to reach out to you.

BLACK Symbol of famine and death. Opposite of white and purity; judgment of God; death; famine; sin; ignorance; darkness; demonic army; Jesus' death on the cross. (Rev. 6: 2-12; Lam. 4: 8; Jer. 8: 21; Matt 27: 45; Ps. 18: 9, 11; 97:2; 104: 2; Ex. 20: 21; Zeph. 1: 15; Joel 2: 2)

Purple speak of Royalty. God is a God of Grace. His heart is to adopt you into in Kingdom. No longer are you a slave. But a son (daughtor). To inherit His Kingdom. No eyes have seen what He is reserved for you.

PURPLE Royalty, wealth, prosperity. Kingly; wealth; prince; authority; political power and wealth in the sense of dishonesty and wickedness (Babylon); royalty; majesty power in wealth and royalty; expensive to buy. (Dan. 7: 5, 16, 29; Judges 8: 26; John 19: 2, 5; Rev. 17: 4; 18: 16; Acts 16: 14; Prov. 6: 27; Acts 2: 3; Zech. 5: 2; Is. 6: 5-7; Luke 12: 49-53; Song 8: 6; Heb. 12: 29; Heb. 1:7)

Worship Flags Lead-time & Size
Features: Ultra light and Flowing

Experience Level: AWESOME for Beginners to Advanced

Weight: Very light

Flow characteristic: Fast

Sound: Low to Medium

Set: Single (1 flag) orPair (2 Flags) (2 Flags – 10% Off)

Fabric: Custom Printed Habotai Silk

Cut: Straight rolled hem outer edge

Dowel: Telescopic Fiber Glass Pole (Not wood) with bush bearing Flag swirl & easily around the pole and will not fall off

Worship Flags Approximate Size:
M (45"x 35") Telescopic (93 grams), Quill (65 grams)

L (51" x 40") Telescopic (107 grams) Quill (106 grams)

Quill Flag - Flexible Flow Rod

Less that 0.2KG including Flag

Worship Flags Lead-time

3-4 weeks when stock is not available.
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