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Harbotai Synthetic Silk - Angelic Wing Flag - Champagne Color

Harbotai Synthetic Silk - Angelic Wing Flag - Champagne Color

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Ultra light and Flowing

Experience Level: AWESOME for Beginners to Advanced
Visual Description: Vivid, Dazzling, Bold
Weight: Very light
Flow characteristic: Fast
Sound: Low
Set: 1 or 2 flags

Light Weight (96grams) Angelic Wing Flags - WXL-Quill size - with Flexible Flow Rod
Width 57" x length 42"

Solid Color Harbotai Silk wing flags are design Entry level worshiper who just venture into the arena of Wing flags.

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GOLD Kingship, kingdom glory, God or gods. See Colors (Yellow). The riches of the glory of God; enduring capacity of the believer as overcomer; unchanging holiness; wisdom; glory; righteousness; glorifying self when used as adornment or as idol worship. (Lam. 4: 2; Ps. 19: 10, 119: 72; Rev. 3: 18, 21: 18. 21; 1 Cor. 3: 12; Ex. 20: 23; Is. 40: 19; Job 22: 25)
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