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Miracle, Signs & Wonder – Explosion Worship Flags

Miracle, Signs & Wonder – Explosion Worship Flags

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Size & Pole

Worship Flags Designs

Miracle, Signs & Wonder – Explosion

“White Dove” depicts the presence of the Holy Spirit. White colors denotes purity.

The Multi-color Explosion in the background represent the creative (colorful) expression & dynamic (explosive) power of the Holy Spirit in the realm of healing & deliverance

Lead-time & Size of Worship Flags

Ultra light and Flowing

Experience Level: AWESOME for Beginners to Advanced

Weight: Very light

Flow characteristic: Fast

Sound: Low to Medium

Fabric: Custom Printed Habotai Silk

Single (Set: 1 Flags)

Worship Flags Approximate Size:

FXMP-SIZE (49"x35") with Telescopic Design.
FXMP-SIZE (49"x35") with Flexible Quill Design.
FLLP-SIZE (57"x40") with Telescopic Design.
FLLP-SIZE (57"x40") with Flexible Quill Design

Cut: Straight rolled hem outer edge

Less that 0.2KG including Flag

Lead-time 3-4 weeks when stock is not available.

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