Common Questions about Dos & Don't with worship flags

How can I begin to worship with Flag?

Your worship with flags begins when you realize that worshiping is not just singing. Worshiping with flags involves your whole body soul and spirit. Worship flags helps you to leave your seat and begin to express with your body. When we express what we believes with our body, we are no longer just talking, but also taking action on what we firmly believes in. The first step is to own a worship flag. One that you are comfortable with. Choose something light and portable so that you can bring it along with you. You are encourage to slowly build up your arsenal of worship flags as your experience and understanding grows.

Where can I learn how to worship with flag?

Join a group of believers who are passionate in worshiping the Lord. Regular practice makes perfect. Need to find an environment that encourages this form of expression. There are excellent YouTube video clips that teaches the basic movements. 

Is this a dance?

Yes, and No. Yes, because tradition flags in worship are like performances and you need to follow a certain routine to be in-sync with the other performers. There is certainly a place for this form of expression in major churches or large celebration events. There is another expression that depends on the leading of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit can take you to levels and dance sequences you never believe possible. Just like speaking in tongues, you never know what words or language comes next. Knowing a certain basic movements helps but not a prerequisite.  The excitement is to discover the new creative moves each time He leads you. This you will never grow tired or feels like a routine.  Creative freedom is one of the most satisfying aspect of worshiping with flags. When you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, your creativity becomes accelerated. Invite him be your dance partner & he is forever forgiving. No matter what new step you may choose to take, he is able to keep in lock-step with you all the time. Worship Flags.

Is there a right way or wrong way to Flag?

Like any form of creative arts, worship with worship flags should remain creative. Do not set limits. Let it be a free flowing expressions of your worship. 

However, care should be taken so as not to injure those around you while you wave your “sticks” around. There were incidences where eyes of people nearby damaged by UN-conscientious worshipers. Keep your distance from others and always be considerate of those nearby.

Quill flexible flow rod worship flags are gaining polarity. Quill flags minimizes injuries and requires less personal space.

Churches with low ceiling are more & more choosing Quill worship flags.

Etiquette & Manners?

Flags are personal worship instruments. Proper respects should be observed when you use a flag that belongs to another. Its a good manner to ask for consent before you take them.

Some worshiper uses their flags for spiritual warfare. Defilement can be an issue when their flag is not properly handled. Again, this is personal. Some people did not mind.


A well care for flag can last up to 5-10 years. When not in use, it should be rolled up on its pole and stored in a bag to keep away dirt. Some fabric crease easily. Avoid folding or crumbling.

When ironing the flag, need to be watchful of what type of fabric your flag is made of and use proper temperature to avoid permanent damage.

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