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BUY1GET1FREE - WXL - Harbotai Synthetic Silk - BLOOD Red Angelic Wing Flag

BUY1GET1FREE - WXL - Harbotai Synthetic Silk - BLOOD Red Angelic Wing Flag

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Harbotai Synthetic Silk Wing Worship Flags

This range of flag is slightly heavier compared to organza. However, it is faster and stays afloat easily. Any worshiper will find this range easy to use. Wide range of bright color to choose from. Easily mix and match with organza or shiny metallic wing flag.

We design this range of flag to express the various colors of worship represented by colors that originates from God. Each color carries a specific meaning and they can be good or bad.

In God there is nothing bad. For God is GOOD.

Ultra light and Flowing

Experience Level: AWESOME for Beginners to Advanced
Visual Description: Vivid, Dazzling, Bold
Weight: Very light
Flow characteristic: Fast
Sound: Low
Set: 1 or 2 flags

Light Weight (96grams) Angelic Wing Flags - WXL-Quill size - with Flexible Flow Rod
Width 57" x length 42"

Solid Color Harbotai Silk wing flags are design Entry level worshiper who just venture into the arena of Wing flags.

Available in

Dark RED & Bright RED Color

RED Also Scarlet and Crimson: The blood of Jesus; warfare; sacrifice; passion; strong emotion; forgiveness; cleansing; zealousness; deep sins; conquest; wine; complexion. (Lev. 4: 7; Prov. 23: 31; Rev. 6: 4-7, 12: 3; 17: 3-6; Ex. 26: 14; 2 Kings 3: 22; Lev. 14: 4, 6, 49-52; Heb. 9: 11; Is. 1: 18; Na. 2: 3; Josh 2: 18, 21)

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