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Lion of Judah - Printed Harbotai Silk Flag

Lion of Judah - Printed Harbotai Silk Flag

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Lion of Judah

Lion as the king of the jungle depicts Jesus is as the King of Kings. The Lamb of God depicts him as the sacrificial Lamb that takes away the sins of those who belief.

As the creator of everything that exists, The Truine God in his wisdom is not afraid to come as Jesus Christ, the man, as a sacrificial Lamb to reconcile man, the sons of God, made in His image to Himself.

This flag gives us the assurance that He as the King is in complete control. Never at any moment His Kingdom is threaten. Even in the death of His Son on the cross, He pave the way for all his sons and daughters to be reconciled back to himself. In the process of it all, he uses Satan and his principalities and powers to gather all who choose to rebel against Him and His Kingdom.

Many depict Satan as His Arch-Enemy. In reality, nothing come close. His final destiny is in the burning rubbish dumps like all broken toys.

How can any creature challenge the King that know the end from the beginning? Nothing is hidden or caught Him by surprise. Who exist from the beginning and has no end.

Yet, He is my Father, My Brother and My comforter (Holy Spirit). He live in me. How wonderful is the Plan he has for me.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Ultra light and Flowing

Experience Level: AWESOME for Beginners to Advanced

Weight: Very light

Flow characteristic: Fast

Sound: Low to Medium

Set: 1 flags

Fabric: Custom Printed Habutai Silk

Cut: Straight rolled hem outer edge


Telescopic Fiber Glass Pole (Not wood) with bush bearing Flag swirl & easily around the pole and will not fall off

Approximate Size:

M (45"x 35") Telescopic (93 grams), Quill (65 grams)
LL (57" x 40") Telescopic (107 grams) Quill (106 grams)
XLL (80" X 44") Telescopic Pole (200grams) - 7 foot

Quill Flag - Flexible Flow Rod


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